Pigeon Lake is the canvas that Christine has been painting with sales since 2008 by first “selling the area” she has welcomed her clients into her own well loved community! Becoming aligned with The MaxWell Brand which has a reputation for excellence that inspires confidence and trust with our clients along with her passion for the Pigeon Lake area she looks forward to working with you in realizing your dream lifestyle! Being invested in the Pigeon Lake area has helped to develop a unique knowledge of the area and it’s hidden treasures along with an intuitive approach to it’s Real Estate Market. She takes personal and professional pride in keeping her clients informed of local market trends, and other factors that might impact their investment.
Christine guides her sellers with factual data to provide pricing direction so their home will be placed appropriately in local and current market conditions. If you are a seller, call her to find out about the 3 main considerations when pricing your property.
1. The State of the Market
2. The Condition of Your Home
3. Why list with Christine?
If you are a Buyer:…… One visit to Pigeon Lake and you will be “hooked”! The warmth and charm of the people who are Christine’s friends and neighbors will no doubt create a desire within you for this Lifestyle….FULL TIME!!! When you purchase a home here, you are not just buying a structure, you are buying into one of the most welcoming, scenic and wholesome communities around. Whatever your wish list looks like, Christine is excited to sit down and find out what is important to you, no matter your needs, She will help you find a home you will love….in a place where you’ll feel right at home! Her on- line marketing system will allow you to search on your own time or You may contact her to customize a personal search for you that will provide early access to new inventory. Pigeon Lake area is a “By choice” address, consider making it yours!!!! You will quickly learn “giving back” to her community is one of her greatest rewards! She lives and breathes PIGEON LAKE….her “Chosen Neighborhood!